Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Rockstar and the Billionaire

I've been looking at the differences between our current/exiting president, Barak Obama, and our president-elect, Donald Trump. I don't know that any two men could be more different.

The exiting president took numerous vacations, nearly monthly, it seems. He and his family entertained numerous celebrities and other famous personalities. He was a rock star or maybe a rock star wanna-be.

The president-elect has declared that he will rarely vacation, that he won't be taking a salary (although he acquiesced and said he would be willing to accept the minimum required pay of $1/year). He has said that he has a lot of work to do, and won't have time to be away from his duties.

The exiting president has been using his lame-duck days to incite as much havoc and mayhem as he can, as well as rejecting and abandoning Israel (stupid, stupid, stupid!!)

The president-elect has already been at work making connections with the leaders of other nations, preparing for his place on that stage.

With the dramatic difference between these two men, I watch with fascination as power is transferred. We'll see how the new guy does.

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