Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Father, Thanks for this Talent..."

A very long time ago, a friend posted a thought-provoking question on her Facebook wall-
"How do you find your "hidden" talents?"

Sure, there's always the singing and dancing we see on that one show. But there are other talents, things that aren't always noticed, not put on display. But they're still things that you're just really good at.

It was an interesting conversation. Some said they had found hidden talents through the "necessity is the mother of invention" route- stuff just needs done, so they do it, and thereby discover that through doing, they kind of created a talent for the task.

Some find they have a talent for money- budgeting, couponing, sale-shopping (comparing in-store cycles, seasonal sales, and various coupons)

Others found talents for dealing with specific types of situations- difficult inlaws, awkward discussions with kids, or stress at work.

Of course some talents were discovered through what people have said, when compliments come because of something you find simple... "You're so good at that! I could never do what you do..."

What "hidden talents" have you heard of? What "hidden talents" do you have?

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  1. I know Video Games sometimes seem worthless. On the other hand, there are things such as scores, close calls, sniper shooting, goal achievements, and awesome endings that leave certain people to wonder... "How did you do/get that?"