Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Line of Reasoning

So NY legalized gay marriage. I know exactly how I feel about the idea of gay marriage. But I also know how I feel about superfluous laws, about restrictions on choice. There are about as many angles and opinions and perceptions on this issue as there are people in the world, maybe more.

On the one hand there’s what I have always been taught is right, what I believe is right. On the other is the reality that morality can’t be legislated… and that it’s not my place to dictate what is/isn’t allowed… and the fact that people are going to do what they’re going to do, regardless of the law.

I think the sticking point with me is the slippery slope that this law (and those like it in other states) creates. It legitimizes a lifestyle that… How do I say this gently but honestly? There’s such a high correlation between that lifestyle and other factors- character traits, activities, etc- that are so incredibly detrimental to the individual and society as a whole that I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to tolerate/condone/support it.

And I know there are those who don’t like, who disagree with my mindset. My intent is not to express hatred to anyone. In fact, my motive is love. God loves us.. He loves us so much! He wants us to be happy.. as happy as possible for as long as possible. He’s told us how to do that….. and this lifestyle is exactly 180° from those directions, which will bring exactly NOT the happiness He wants for us.

The saying is that when God commands and man obeys, that man is always right. … So what about the man who does exactly opposite of what He commands? “Wickedness never was happiness.”

Why would any Christian in their right mind tolerate, condone, support something that would only bring their fellow man sorrow and misery? Yes, this is my mindset, my opinion, my rationale for why I believe as I do.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Letter to my Dad

Dear Dad-

Do you remember a couple years ago when you were helping make a railing for a family that was building a home up north? They had a fabulous 10’ porch that wrapped all the way around the house, and they wanted you to make a metal railing for it.

You’d put a lot of effort into planning how the project would turn out. You researched the legal requirements for spacing of the balusters, figured the width of the balusters themselves, converted decimals of length into actual practical-application inches, and arranging the formulas correctly in the spreadsheet so that you knew exactly how far from the end each baluster was to be placed.

I was heading out the door, but you grabbed me, “Hey, I wanna show you this. Your mother wouldn’t appreciate the work involved, but you would…” And I did! I recognized the effort and time that went into what you’d done.

That was probably the most awesome (and when I say awesome, I mean wonderful) thing you’ve ever said to me. I know Mom isn’t the math wiz you and I are, lol, and that’s ok. But you recognized that we DO have that in common. It meant a lot to me. Not just that you wanted to share, but that you recognized that commonality. I don't know that you realize how much that meant to me... and still does.

You. Saw. Me.
Of all the people that you know- coworkers, friends, family, church leaders- that you could have shared this accomplishment with, you chose me. Thank you!

I love you, Dad!
<3 Your Daughter

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Given last week’s post, I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had on the meaning of beauty.
In traveling to Las Vegas, I sat in an airport with my boyfriend. Nearby was a group of young women- a bride and her friends- heading to the same city for the wedding. The girls were all pretty- tan, long straight hair, fashionable makeup, short shorts that showed lean tan legs, and matching pink tie-dyed shirts that said “____’s Bachelorette Party"

(I almost wish I would have taken a picture of them.. but then the bride's tiara may have offended ;)

As he and I were talking about these girls, I was kinda jealous, I admit it. I’ll never have an even golden tan like them, I’ll probably never wear makeup that fashionable. And then he said something that utterly made my day (week?)

“Y’know what’s weird? I don’t find any of them truly attractive.”

There are a lot of kinds of beauty- I’m going to call them “flavors,” for lack of a better word. Think of all the “beautiful” people of Hollywood. Are they all the same kind of beautiful? Matt Damon, America Ferrera, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Julie Andrews, Nat King Cole, Jessica Tandy, Queen Latifa.
(BTW-  Wanna know the difference I see between Queen Latifa and Kirstie Alley? They’re both beautiful women, but I definitely prefer one over the other. See- as far as I can tell, Latifa likes herself and Kirstie doesn’t.)

These individuals are all beautiful in their own unique ways. They’re intelligent, funny, talented, confident, accomplished.

Then I read things like the Huffington Post article that reports that most American girls would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Now granted, some of the recent winners of the prize kinda cheapen the Prize, but still… ??!?

Beauty, attractiveness, and appeal- they don’t have to be just skin deep. It’s more than Botox, plastic surgery, flawless makeup, and having every hair in place. It’s about confidence, being comfortable in your own skin, liking yourself.

God made you as He did for a reason. Love it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Culture Shock

First an apology- I'm sorry that I haven't posted in.. um, yeah. Life's been kinda crazy with starting a new job, being out of town....

Anyway, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas to attend a friend's wedding. The hotel I was in had a special UFC event that drew a very different crowd from what I'm accustomed to, and I saw some things I'd like to discuss, or at least get off my chest!

First- Hoof shoes. You know what I'm talking about- the stack-y, peep-toe, ultra-high heeled shoes... that look like hooves. Why? Why pinch your toes with uber-high heels? Why put yourself in a position to be so easily unbalanced that you can hardly walk?

Second- Not enough clothes. People (and when I say people, I mean mostly girls) would leave the pool, put on a thin not-entirely-covering cover-up, and then go out.. shopping, to dinner, walking down the street... Dang, girl! You know that when you're covering as much as I'm UNcovering, you KNOW we got a problem! Please leave at least something to the imagination, for the love of  modesty. And more whys- Why cheapen yourself like that? Why not just get dressed?

Yes, it was a culture shock. Yes, I was uncomfortable. No, I didn't like it.. not sure if I'd go back. The superficiality, the.. *shudder

And one more thought that I had: Why put so much effort (makeup, hair done, bikini, sheer poolside coverup, jewelry, sky-high heels... just to go to the pool) into your looks when your guy is clearly more interested in looking at other women? BTW- This would be a good time to ditch your man and find someone who likes you for you, not your fake tan, your fake attitude, your fake "girls."