Sunday, June 5, 2011

Culture Shock

First an apology- I'm sorry that I haven't posted in.. um, yeah. Life's been kinda crazy with starting a new job, being out of town....

Anyway, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas to attend a friend's wedding. The hotel I was in had a special UFC event that drew a very different crowd from what I'm accustomed to, and I saw some things I'd like to discuss, or at least get off my chest!

First- Hoof shoes. You know what I'm talking about- the stack-y, peep-toe, ultra-high heeled shoes... that look like hooves. Why? Why pinch your toes with uber-high heels? Why put yourself in a position to be so easily unbalanced that you can hardly walk?

Second- Not enough clothes. People (and when I say people, I mean mostly girls) would leave the pool, put on a thin not-entirely-covering cover-up, and then go out.. shopping, to dinner, walking down the street... Dang, girl! You know that when you're covering as much as I'm UNcovering, you KNOW we got a problem! Please leave at least something to the imagination, for the love of  modesty. And more whys- Why cheapen yourself like that? Why not just get dressed?

Yes, it was a culture shock. Yes, I was uncomfortable. No, I didn't like it.. not sure if I'd go back. The superficiality, the.. *shudder

And one more thought that I had: Why put so much effort (makeup, hair done, bikini, sheer poolside coverup, jewelry, sky-high heels... just to go to the pool) into your looks when your guy is clearly more interested in looking at other women? BTW- This would be a good time to ditch your man and find someone who likes you for you, not your fake tan, your fake attitude, your fake "girls."

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