Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Given last week’s post, I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had on the meaning of beauty.
In traveling to Las Vegas, I sat in an airport with my boyfriend. Nearby was a group of young women- a bride and her friends- heading to the same city for the wedding. The girls were all pretty- tan, long straight hair, fashionable makeup, short shorts that showed lean tan legs, and matching pink tie-dyed shirts that said “____’s Bachelorette Party"

(I almost wish I would have taken a picture of them.. but then the bride's tiara may have offended ;)

As he and I were talking about these girls, I was kinda jealous, I admit it. I’ll never have an even golden tan like them, I’ll probably never wear makeup that fashionable. And then he said something that utterly made my day (week?)

“Y’know what’s weird? I don’t find any of them truly attractive.”

There are a lot of kinds of beauty- I’m going to call them “flavors,” for lack of a better word. Think of all the “beautiful” people of Hollywood. Are they all the same kind of beautiful? Matt Damon, America Ferrera, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Julie Andrews, Nat King Cole, Jessica Tandy, Queen Latifa.
(BTW-  Wanna know the difference I see between Queen Latifa and Kirstie Alley? They’re both beautiful women, but I definitely prefer one over the other. See- as far as I can tell, Latifa likes herself and Kirstie doesn’t.)

These individuals are all beautiful in their own unique ways. They’re intelligent, funny, talented, confident, accomplished.

Then I read things like the Huffington Post article that reports that most American girls would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Now granted, some of the recent winners of the prize kinda cheapen the Prize, but still… ??!?

Beauty, attractiveness, and appeal- they don’t have to be just skin deep. It’s more than Botox, plastic surgery, flawless makeup, and having every hair in place. It’s about confidence, being comfortable in your own skin, liking yourself.

God made you as He did for a reason. Love it!

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