Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Line of Reasoning

So NY legalized gay marriage. I know exactly how I feel about the idea of gay marriage. But I also know how I feel about superfluous laws, about restrictions on choice. There are about as many angles and opinions and perceptions on this issue as there are people in the world, maybe more.

On the one hand there’s what I have always been taught is right, what I believe is right. On the other is the reality that morality can’t be legislated… and that it’s not my place to dictate what is/isn’t allowed… and the fact that people are going to do what they’re going to do, regardless of the law.

I think the sticking point with me is the slippery slope that this law (and those like it in other states) creates. It legitimizes a lifestyle that… How do I say this gently but honestly? There’s such a high correlation between that lifestyle and other factors- character traits, activities, etc- that are so incredibly detrimental to the individual and society as a whole that I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to tolerate/condone/support it.

And I know there are those who don’t like, who disagree with my mindset. My intent is not to express hatred to anyone. In fact, my motive is love. God loves us.. He loves us so much! He wants us to be happy.. as happy as possible for as long as possible. He’s told us how to do that….. and this lifestyle is exactly 180° from those directions, which will bring exactly NOT the happiness He wants for us.

The saying is that when God commands and man obeys, that man is always right. … So what about the man who does exactly opposite of what He commands? “Wickedness never was happiness.”

Why would any Christian in their right mind tolerate, condone, support something that would only bring their fellow man sorrow and misery? Yes, this is my mindset, my opinion, my rationale for why I believe as I do.


  1. An additional thought I've had since writing this- We are indeed our brother's keeper. We are charged with helping our fellow man, encouraging them to do good, to stay righteous. Is it acceptable for me to tolerate/allow.. even facilitate laws that make not-happiness creating behavior easier?

    I had a friend recently explain why she no longer talks to God, "Ever since God stopped talking to gays.." :| He never stopped talking to His children. He has remained constant, His standards and expectations have been the same since Adam and his wife left the garden. It's not that He "stopped talking to gays".. it's that some of His sons and daughters have chosen to live lives contrary to His direction and in so doing, they've moved themselves further from Him, making it harder for them to hear Him.

  2. The slippery slope begins.