Sunday, October 2, 2016


Recently, I found myself in a difficult situation. I wasn't happy about where I was. It was downright crappy! But there were people there who were in a more difficult situation.

One was a man at rock bottom. At least that's how he felt. He knew he'd made some truly horrible choices, and his life was going down the swirly real fast!

But I saw hope for him, even though he didn't:
  • Sure, he'd hurt others, but he felt tremendous guilty about the damage his choices had brought them. He still has a functioning conscience! There's hope!
  • He has young kids that he wants to be around for. He's got motivation!

And I told him so. He's scared of being sober and clean, but I told him that he's got what it takes. He can to it. Yeah, it'll be hell getting there, but it can be done.

To this man, I want to say...
Hon, if you ever see this, I hope what I said gave you hope for your future.
And thank you for sharing your situation and your fears with me, for trusting a total stranger with your vulnerability. That isn't easy, especially for someone in your situation. Remember, you can do this! Keep your littles, your motivation in your mind.
It's gonna be hard, but you CAN do this!!!

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