Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Ring

Recently, I saw an article about a new women's jewelry trend. I thought it was kind of interesting, especially given my current situation.

While I didn't have the funds for The Ring, I did find one that I liked, and got it.

So here's my vow:
Trust- I will honor the gifts God has given me by trusting my intellect and gut instinct in all my decisions. If I get a bad feeling about a thing, I will trust it and act on it.

Love- I will show myself love by not taking myself too seriously and enjoying my inner child. I will show love by cutting myself slack on a regular basis. I will be kind and my self-talk will reflect gentleness. I am doing the best I can, and nothing more can be expected. I am enough.

Respect- I will show respect for myself and my body by exercising, eating right, and getting enough rest. I will respect my limits and not over-commit, double-book, or otherwise spread myself so thin that my contributions are compromised.

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