Sunday, November 20, 2016


There once was a preacher whose home needed repainting... BADLY!! The siding was worn and ragged under the chipped and pealing paint. There were places the paint had soaked in and stained the wood, but it only served to make the house look even more neglected. The parishioners were becoming ashamed and embarrassed of how sad the manse looked!

Eventually, the church congregation convinced their beloved shepherd to repaint his home. He did the figuring for how much paint he needed.. and that seemed like just much too much, way more than would be needed! Surely that couldn't be right. So he bought what he thought would be needed and rented a sprayer- he thought that would use less paint.

Which it did.. somewhat. But he found that it wasn't enough. He was half way around the house, and more than half way through the paint. So he added some thinner to stretch the paint he had purchased.

At 3/4 through the project, he found that again he was going to be short and added more thinner.

This happened a couple more times as the day progressed. But he was finally done by the time the sun was well down.

The next morning, he woke late. He had been up far into the night painting and cleaning the sprayer out. But looking at the house brought an unpleasant surprise- the paint he had applied at the beginning of the day did not match the pain he had applied at dusk!!

A voice boomed out of heaven.


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