Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Midweek Madness

It's Tuesday night/Wednesday morning as I write this.

This week has been pretty intense, and it's only half over! A huge decision has been made. It wasn't a landslide, by any means, but it was a win for one side, and a loss for the other.

Most of you know where I stand. That said, I know how the other side feels- that's how I felt the last two elections. I understand the "We're screwed" sentiment (pardon the language for my more sensitive readers), I really do. Four years ago, when it was announced that Obama would get another four years in the White House, I was just sick. I couldn't believe that the American people had chosen again to elect someone whose agenda clearly did not include the rule of law, respect for law enforcement, compassion for our fellow Americans, peace within our borders, and fostering respect from other nations. At least that's how I saw it.

So to those of you on "the other side of the aisle"- I do get it.

That said, when I saw that my candidate had the lead this evening, as totals from each state began to come in, I was excited!.. worried, because this is a big country, and there were still a lot of electoral votes to be tallied. As the night progressed, and my candidate retained the lead I became more hopeful. Just after midnight, as I checked the reports again, and saw that my candidate had 276 electoral votes, that he had won, my heart skipped a beat! So many things will be ok!

Results as of 5am, MST

This is not me gloating. This is me expressing relief!
Relief that the unborn will be protected.
Relief that our borders will be secure against trespassers.
Relief that law-abiding citizens will still be able to defend themselves.
Relief that our allies will be supported in our mutual pursuits of freedom, liberty, and prosperity.
Relief that those who have served- past, present, and future- to keep our nation safe, will be taken care of.

With a gracious and appreciative speech like this, I think we will be ok. *sigh

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