Monday, December 12, 2016


It's winter, and being outside is pretty uncomfortable, even deadly if for too long. Summer, too, has environmental dangers.

Outside can be tough. Camping, sunburns, bug bites, poisonous plants, shoveling snow, frostbite.. and that's just being outside of a building.

Garth Brooks has a song, "Standing Outside the Fire," about being too cool for love.

What about being outside in a social context? How uncomfortable, or even painful is that? Family, friendships, even one-on-one interactions can be hurtful when you feel relegated to Outside.

Recently, I've felt very Outside. I'm not Inside- I'm Outside. And it hurts. Lonely, rejected, ignored, unimportant, insufficient, irrelevant, not being fed, just barely getting by....

It aches. It's painful. It's so hard to keep going when you don't feel wanted. An invisible part of the 99.

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