Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Yes, I've remarried. Yes, things went pretty fast. And I'm grateful that they did.

I was single for three years, proposed to six times... or at least there were six guys who expressed interest in making things legally binding and permanent. To some I said no right away. Others, I took some time before answering out of courtesy. And some I realized some things and had to back out.

But this one....

Of all the guys I dated, and I went out on dates every chance I got, not all were LDS.
Of all the LDS guys I dated, not all were worthy.
Of all the worthy LDS guys I dated, not all were respectful.

In fact, only one was. Everyone else was either nowhere near what I wanted, or wanted something from me that I didn't always want to give right away.

This one didn't ask for anything from me except an answer- yes or no. He didn't push, didn't beg, didn't haggle, didn't campaign. He just asked.

What's crazy is his exwife didn't think he'd ever marry. While she remarried, and pretty darn quickly after their divorce, she was surprised when he found someone he felt was really worthwhile.

I suspect she's only now beginning to see what she threw away. For 20 years, she was definitely less-than ideal, to the point that he finally rejected the suggestion of a "separation" and asked straight up for a divorce. From my experiences with him- yeah, he's frustrating (Seriously, how many wives out there don't feel that way sometimes about their husbands?), but by and large, I think he's about the best thing since sliced bread!

Think about this- I was single for three years, and proposed to six times. I wasn't lacking in offers. But I didn't want to compromise. I wanted what I wanted.. and I had a good reason for all the qualities I wanted! So as soon as I found it, I snatched it up!

This guy really is pretty great-

*He is worthy and he takes that worthiness VERY seriously. Which means a priesthood blessing is available at any time of day or night, no need to call the Home Teachers.

*Household rules reflect divine standards... and those expectations apply to all (including us before we married!).
Dinner for the missionaries.

*He cleans! One time, I signed up to feed the missionaries. Dinner wasn't quite in the oven, and the kitchen needed some SERIOUS organizing and the clock was ticking!. He busted tail to help! Sweeping, cleaning off counters, putting papers away, setting the table- he was fantastic!

*He cooks.. usually breakfast. He doesn't always sleep very well, so he's usually up before I am... and he will make breakfast, usually something hot- hash browns, eggs, or pancakes. It's nice, really.

*He's considerate.. Just yeah :)

*He's cute- and seriously, even from an analytical geometric perspective, he's a pretty good-looking guy! But that's just icing on the cake.

Yeah, I'd say he's a keeper!