Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mice and Other Invaders

This is a true story. It happened in late May of 2006 while my (now ex)husband and I were living in a super-old trailer home surrounded on all four sides by fields or farmland (which rates only slightly higher than a cardboard box in quality). No names have been changed, mostly b/c I don't care if anyone thinks I'm horrible for what I did.

So, this was my early-morning adventure for today- Ugh!

3:15am, Jason gets up and hollers from the bathroom, "Do we have a trap under the sink in here?"

I mumble from the bed, "Yeah, why?"

"I think we caught a mouse and it's still alive"

Fan-freakin-tastic! So I got up, "Go get a large bowl from the dirty dishes, put some water in it and drown it."

He comes back with a 3-pound butter tub- perfect.... and the lid- huh? Anyway, I run about an inch and a half of water in the bottom, get the trap, and I'm holding the mouse under the water- still struggling, but I've got it all under control... till J decides to run some more water- cold... on my hand!!

It surprises me when I'm already tense, and I jump, freak, drop the trap. The mouse- which had been caught just by some belly-hair gets free of the trap and starts swimming around in the butter-tub... and my trying-to-be-helpful husband tries to run more water! "Don't do that! It'll be able to get out!.... Go get me a fork from the dirty dishes." No sense in dirtying more dishes than I need to...

So I used the fork to hold the mouse under till it drowned.

Moral of the story- Don't let Jason "help" me drown a mouse.

And I'd do it again, given the chance! Wild mice in the house- they weren't invited, and since they're not sentient enough to politely leave when they're asked, they're gonna get killed!.. and same goes for spiders, beetles, moths, etc!


  1. Why didn't you just flush the little invader down the toilet? - Caveman

    1. Septic system.. no guarantees he wouldn't get out and come back!.. and also, who is thinking that clearly at 5am??

  2. I blogrolled you at . I'm trying to add some more LDS web pages as I can. Good stuff.