Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guilt Trip Tickets on Sale NOW!!

For a while now, I've been observing (and collecting) what I've come to call "guilt-trip" pictures. Mostly on Facebook, they imply that if you do not repost, .. well, let's just take a look.

Because if you don't share, you don't accept Him?
Doesn't He already know what's in my heart??

1- Reliable b/c it's on FB, vs the news
2- If it were my child, I would still want people to be smart about it.

Nope, I have a heart, I just don't feel your manipulative attitude is healthy.

Ok, so I disliked this one a little less as my mom re-shared it.

Well, what if I actually do something for my neighbor vs reposting..
Does that mean I don't care?

Who remembers the chain letters of 20 years ago?
Who remembers the chain emails of 10 years ago?

.. And if you don't, you clearly think it's ok to bully!

Yes, God saw me read this. He also happens to be able to see what's in my heart.
I don't need to repost to prove that He is a part of my life and has a place there.

I'm not afraid to show my support for the Second Amendment.
I just choose to show it differently... like by getting my CC permit!

Nope. I'd rather put pix of Lolcats...
In the meantime, who cares what there's room for on my FB wall?
What about my heart???

Again, the Lord looks on the heart.
I think He's more interested in what's there than on my FB wall.

How heartless to not Like!
Or can you pray without "Liking" ... ?

Nope, I'm totally "size-ist".

Nope, definitely a 97%er who would cheer on the bullies..??

Again, I'm so darn heartless, just because I have better things to do than
spam my friends with guilt-trippy pictures like this.

No respect, either.

And what the heck are parents for??

I love my mom, and I don't feel the need to post this to prove it.

And guilt tripping like this isn't bullying?

Ok, enough sarcasm for the day. Yes, I love and am grateful for those who have what it takes to defend our country and those who know me know it. Yes, I love my mother and she knows it. Yes, I obey and honor my God and He knows it. Yes, I'm against bullying and I'll kick a bully in the teeth if need be. Yes, I'm for loving and protecting pets and my animals were all rescues. Yes, I feel people deserve love, no matter what they look like (color, sexual orientation, size, etc) and those who are in my life know it.

But I refuse to allow others to guilt me into posting something on my FB wall just to prove it to the rest of the world.


  1. Don't have the energy to think this deeply. (Repost if you know who I am) hehe Couldn't resist.

  2. Throw yourself down from the are the Son of God. Talmadge writes about the Satanic "IF" quite extensively in "Jesus the Christ" - its a false premise. For example, even though Christ did not throw Himself off the temple, He was still the Son of God - throwing Himself off or not had zero bearing on whether He was or not.

    I hate those things too - I find them manipulative, childish and immature. Honestly though, I'm pushing myself to read my scriptures more and to think more about the gospel so suddenly when I hit facebook I find it such a busy yet empty place.

    I mostly use it to keep up with some of the legislation in government that I follow because facebook gives me faster and more accurate news than the media does on some issues.

    But that was quite the collection you had there - I found myself annoyed and nauseated by the entire thing as I scrolled through it! Good job! ;)