Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bribery.. It Works!

I've been staying with a friend, and I occasionally "steal" her children and take them with when I go on errands. The munchkins love it, and I get a little buddy (or two or three) to visit with on the drive. The other evening, I needed a couple things from the store.

"Do you mind if I steal one of the girls to go with me to the store?"


"Which one has been the best, most obedient, most helpful?"


Daddy interrupted, "None of them."

I thought a moment and then headed in to the play room. "Did either of you do your homework?"

In stereo from the older two: "No..."

"Hm, well, I need to go to the store, and I was gonna take whoever did their homework."

Ensued the hilarity- the older two came tearing past me to get their homework done. Number 2 paused, to beg, "Wait for me?"

Good thing 1st and 2nd graders don't have much homework, eh?

Mom watched the hustle and bustle, wondering. I sat down by her, and explain what I'd just told her little ones.

I know kindergarteners don't generally have much homework, but I felt Number 3 needed to have the chance to earn the privilege, too: "Do you have any homework?.. anything you can do for school?"

Number 3: "Read a book?"

"Good deal- find a book and you can read it to me."

So while Number 1 and Number 2 worked fratically to complete worksheets, Number 3 read a book with me, Number 4 looked for shoes, and Mom and Dad.. and I just laughed

Once the three older ones had done their homework and everyone had shoes and a jacket on, we piled into the van, and went to the store.. to get all of three items I needed for a project the next day.

Moral of the story:
Bribery works!

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