Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Which my "Lady Parts" Respond

"Vote like your lady-parts depend on it!".. Yeah, I know what my "lady-parts" want--

No more Planned Parenthood with their disproportionately high rates of abortion-related fatalities.
Did you know that one of the primary founding principals of PP is eugenics? Yes, please look it up. This makes it all the more ironic that a man of mixed racial heritage supports it. By the ideals of eugenics, he should have been aborted.
No more forcing me to fund (via my tax dollars) these deaths- both the deaths of the women and the deaths of the unborn. Yes, I'm pro-choice. But I'm also pro-consequence. If you're grown up enough to be doing the things that cause pregnancy, then you're grown up enough to put someone else's right to exist over your discomfort and inconvenience. Besides, is it really worth dying for (see above)??

No more chauvinistic patronizing about "lady-parts." Seriously, if this had come out of the mouth of a Republican, it woulda blown up in his face! But it was a Dem who penned this, and the only repercussion has been minor scoffing from various quarters.

No more 8% unemployment- so I can afford my own health care vs his costly bureaucracy-driven "health care." Before Obama-care, we couldn't afford doctors, diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, etc.. but with Obama-care, we can afford doctors, diagnostic tests, pharmaceuticals, etc.. AND a big bulky bureaucracy to manage it, right?

No more gas prices over $3./gallon so I can afford more than just gas in my tank. As the meme says, $3.79 gas prices are a lot less economic collapse-y than $1.98, right? *facepalm!

No more pussy-footing around other nations' delicate sensibilities. Leave that for the tourists to do, not leaders of nations.

Yeah, I know who me and my "lady-parts" (like my lady-brain) are voting for. Thanks for the tip, Obama.

And also, my lady-parts would be comforted to know that at any time I like, I can purchase a gun and sufficient ammunition to become proficient in protecting them. The reality is that 99% of the men in this world are bigger, heavier, and stronger than I am. Stop and think about that for a minute- If a man attempts to hurt me, he will most likely be successful. I'm not ok with that. My having a gun at my side brings an equality to the table that isn't exactly possible otherwise.

Yes, Mr Obama, your advice to vote as if my lady-parts depend on it is most wise, indeed.

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