Monday, May 21, 2012

When I Die

When you die, who do you want to meet? What do you want to say to them? Or do you just want to listen to them?

Here’s my list (a work in progress)…
Mother Eve-
Eve and her husband, praying.
I want to know what Eden was like. What was it like to walk/talk with Father? How long were you in the Garden? What was really going through your mind when Satan approached you?  What was your understanding of what he was saying? How was life after the Fall different from Eden? How many children did you have? What was it all like?

Sarah the Princess-
I just want to give Abraham's wife a hug. Being barren myself, I can only imagine how difficult it was for her, being barren... and in a day and age when that was a woman’s primary role- to bare children. It couldn’t have been easy seeing a concubine/servant obtain that blessing in her stead.

I want to ask him how he made that paradigm shift when he was in such a horrific place. I've heard the horror stories about how awful the conditions were in those camps.

Anyone involved in developing Claritin-
I love my allergy meds! Yes, I’m gonna hug, kiss, or otherwise express gratitude for their efforts and brilliance!
Elijah called fire down from heaven

He was.. he had moxie!!! Challenging the priests of Baal to what amounted to a priests' duel.. and then calling down fire from heaven! Dang! I wanna know what gave him the courage to do that.

My maternal grandfather-
He wasn’t the nicest man in mortality, but I know he has had a thorough, thoughtful, and loving education that prepared him to be the husband my grandmother always deserved. I want to get to know the man he has become.

Laura Ingalls Wilder-
Wife, teacher, and author

Laura Ingalls Wilder-
I've read her autobiographical series, as well as one of her other books (sorry, I don't remember the title). As a backwoods girl in that day, she was amazingly perceptive, savvy, intelligent, and practical.

Anne of Cleves-
The fourth wife of Henry VIII seems to have gotten the short end of the stick. Some say she stepped off the boat and immediately refused to sleep with Henry because he was clearly not healthy. Other sources say that Henry didn't think she was a virgin and simply didn't like her. *sigh

Leonardo DaVinci-
I did a report on him for history my senior year. I want to know what his life was like, where he got all his ideas... and why all his war machine designs have a built-in flaw.

Thomas Jefferson-
I want to ask him what it was like in those amazing times.. the political flux was .. well, amazing! What was the inspiration that lead to the things he and his fellow revolutionaries wrote?.. and I want to apologize if anything I've done has furthered the decline of this nation.

Who's on your list?


  1. Abraham Lincoln, Lucy Mack & Emma Smith, Dr. Sydney "Bert" Horrocks, Paul S. Cornelius, Miss Mae B. Olson, Stuart Buell, Nathaniel Booth. Among others yet to be discerned....

  2. Oh, and Helen Keller....