Monday, May 28, 2012

2nd Amendment

I don't own a gun... but I don't have a problem with them. They're only metal, wood (sometimes), plastic (sometimes). Often, they're also fine engineering, but sometimes, they're half-assed workmanship.

But when it comes to laws regarding guns, I'm much less apathetic. You see, criminals, by definition don't feel bound by laws, rules, statutes, city ordinances, etc. They flaunt the law, ignoring the "rules," and live by their own preferences. Laws that limit/restrict gun ownership don't affect the criminal- he couldn't care less. He'll carry, flaunt, find, and use a gun no matter what the law is. All the laws in the world won't change the criminal's attitude and choices... except maybe inform the criminal of unarmed victims.

Law-abiding citizens, on the other hand feel obligated to .. uh, abide by (obey) the law. They're the ones who become victims when laws are passed limiting and restricting gun use and ownership. They feel that laws are created for a reason and should be obeyed.

A gun is only as "evil" as the man or woman who wields it. It is only so much metal, wood, and plastic. It has no will or desire of its own to be able to chose ill will.

"The whole subject of civilians carrying guns for self defense is discussed too much in the wrong places -- ACLU cocktail parties, gun club gatherings -- all placid atmospheres far removed from the terrifying reality of violent confrontation with the lawless.
"It should be discussed in prisons, where professional criminals are remarkably candid about their avoidance of armed citizens who can fight back. It should be discussed in rape crises centers. Ask a woman who has been raped, whether she ever wished she had a gun when it happened ... and whether she had bought one since. Her reply is likely to be “yes” to at least the first, and often to both. Talk to the bereaved who lost their loved ones to the streets. Talk to those who have been violated in their homes. Ask them how they feel about passive non-resistance.
"And when you have attuned yourself to the haunting fear that lives with them forever after their nightmare, you will be ready to talk with someone else who was in their place, but survived unscathed because they were armed. The contrast will be striking. These survivors don’t put notches on their pistols, and they don’t brag about what they had to do... The taking of a human life, no matter what the circumstances, is an unnatural act, an emotionally shattering experience that leaves its own scars forever. But none of those people regret what they did, and to a man, their first reaction was to go home to their wife and children and hug them, tightly and wordlessly."
                                          -- Massad Ayoob Source: Armed And Alive

The best crime prevention is a gun.. and the best gun control is 2 hands, a rational mind, and practice.

Yes, citizen gun ownership decreases crime. But that can't be the only reason the Founding Fathers wanted the US citizens' right to own a gun protected.

Citizen gun ownership is what allowed this country to exist. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens puts caution in the mind of those with a penchant for breaking the law. Gun ownership is what reigns in the tyranny that lies in the direction our current political government is headed.

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