Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Things in my Life

We all have a lot of things in our lives. Some Things ding when there's stuff. Some Things buzz and beep. Some Things go bump in the night. Some Things just sit there and collect dust. Some are greater Things and some are lesser Things. But all these things require a certain amount of attention- dusting and cleaning, checking and feeding, and sometimes the Things just need to be looked at.

So a while back, I had a little bit of spare time, so I attended to a lesser Thing. Then a greater Thing needed attention, so I set the lesser Thing aside. That's how it works, right? Priorities.

Well, the problem is the greater Thing got upset, feared I was hiding something. Or maybe I felt that the greater Thing was an intrusion. I tried to explain, but it didn't work.

So what do I do about the pushback? I want to honor my priorities, giving place to greater Things first, over lesser Things. But when greater Things push for lesser Things to come first...?

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