Sunday, January 7, 2018

Clothes Make the Man

The missionaries spoke in church a couple weeks ago. As they walked up the aisle to the stand, I was struck by their attire: a business suit, and a backpack.
An interesting juxtaposition. A symbol of power, and a symbol of work and students.
But isn't that what they do? Is that not what they are?
As "ambassadors of the Lord," they represent the best, and most honorable this church has to offer. They represent all the righteousness, respectability, and goodness we have to offer the world.
That's the suit.
As ambassadors of the Lord, they seek to do as He did. And He worked. He wasn't sitting on cushions in some back room ordering acolytes to do His bidding. He was out in the crowd, talking to people, healing them, teaching them, even feeding them when the need arose. And they are learning to be like Him, studying and practicing His ways.
That's the backpack.

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