Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mice and other Invaders II: Traitor!

I have gotten to the point that I have very few deal-breakers when it comes to dating.

Giving aid and quarter to the enemy is one of them.

And by "quarter" I mean anything that results in their continuing and/or ongoing existence in my home.

And by "enemy" I mean anything not specifically invited in. That includes but isn't limited to: gnats, fruit flies, regular flies, wasps, beetles, moths, spiders, and yes, mice!

The other day, the Boyfriend was hanging at my (NEW- yay!!) house after I left for work. He texted me on my break to notify me that there was a mouse in the house.

The rodent had run across the living room floor. And the boyfriend just said, "He's not hurting anybody" and didn't bother to take note of where the furry intruder ran to or from.

"He's not hurting anybody." Nope. Nopety hellno!

There is an entire page on the CDC website devoted to "diseases directly transmitted by rodents"

For your reading pleasure:

And those were just the ones I knew about. Apparently, there are almost a dozen on the CDC page! Add diseases indirectly transmitted, and there are another FIFTEEN diseases! (like Lyme disease and Colorado tick fever)

So, dear Sweetheart, that mouse may not be directly hurting anyone, but he is suspect enough that his fate is sealed!

✔ traps bought
✔ baited with peanut butter
✔ set
✔ wait...
✔ sprung!
✔ dead mouse!
 And this is all that is left of the Mouse Invader II!

Until next time...

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