Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prayer.. and a Miracle

Deadline.. Gotta be out by...
Tuesday evening, I shared with my mom something that had been on my mind, been worrying me for a while.. like since about early April.
  • I lost my job (the best I'd ever had) at the end of February... and I hadn't been able to find anything else.
  • I'm expecting my landlord back in Colorado Springs around mid August and I absolutely couldn't be still living there when he returned.
  • I'm engaged to be married in late July and I'd really prefer living with him... and he's going to school in Salt Lake City.
Without an income, moving was essentially impossible. I really didn't know how I was going to be able to do it.

Wednesday morning, I was online, and a friend got online. She knew that I was engaged, and that I needed to move back to Utah. Here's the conversation:

Friend: hola
Me: hiya
Friend: how are ya?
Me: good..
Friend: good..
Friend: I was thinking....
Friend: did you talk to your parents about a truck?
Me: yes.. Mom isn't working this summer.. she's out $900..
Me: add the food for the reception and food for a family reunion..
Me: they can't help..
Me: there is a possibility for E's parents to help some..
Friend: How much is it going to be?
Me: they're planning to come out, could rent a trailer.. but the only company that has trailers is Uhaul.. and their biggest isn't big enough.
Me: a truck.. the prices I got yesterday were $500 some..
Friend: wow..
Me: mmhm
Me: not counting fuel
Friend: have you checked into a pod?
Me: I did when I was looking at moving here.. they're more.
Friend: oh.. ok
Friend: hmmm..
Friend: I wonder if Dad has a trailer...
Me: but to haul that here.. and then back..?
Friend: how big of a truck do you need?
Me: at least 14'
Friend: ok... I was wondering if you wanted to come early..
Me: I'd be fine with that..
Friend: I could drive the truck down.. unlimited miles..
Me: the only concern would be paying for stuff..
Me: Hmm.. lemme check something..
Friend: well, if you were here early, you could get a job.. use one of our cars and make some money
Me: exactly..
Me: but it's a case of paying for it before I have the money..
Friend: I would cover it and then when you start working you could pay me back a little at a time.
Me: I'm gonna talk to my brother.. see if he has any suggestions..
Me: are you sure?
Friend: yeah.
Friend: I think you need to get here..
Friend: and since you aren't working...
Me: is it ok with your husband?
Friend: I'm talking it over with him...
Friend: calling now.
Friend: could you come to denver later today
Me: ...?
Me: to pick you up??
Friend: yeah
Me: I have scouts at 3.. 3-4:30.. and it's about an hour drive from here
Friend: ok.
Friend: I'm thinking it would be cheaper to rent a car.. I have coupons for that..
Friend: switching computers.. brb
Me: k
Friend: I think I may rent a car..
Friend: ok.. if I go with Hertz, there are 9 locations in CS..
Me: at the airport is closest
Me: 7770 Milton Proby
Friend: enterprise is cheaper..
Friend: let me look on expedia
Me: again, the address on Proby is closest.
Me: (love google maps!)
Friend: lol..
Friend: me too..
Friend: are you ok with me coming this weekend?
Friend: I didn't even ask..
Me: you kinda did, though..
Friend: true
Friend (6/20/2012 10:53:45 AM): ok... I was wondering if you wanted to come early..
Me: to which I responded..
 Me(6/20/2012 10:54:02 AM): I'd be fine with that..
Me: I'll need to make a couple calls, send a couple emails..
Me: tie up loose ends..
Me: and pack like a mad woman!
Friend: lol... ok

She had been planning to fly out a week and a half before the wedding to help me pack and move. She checked her tickets, found that moving the date up would be more expensive than she wanted to do. Instead, she rented a car which she picked up at 3:pm. She then drove to my home in Colorado, a 9-hr drive, arriving at midnight.

We all KNOW it's never this simple.
Why do they make pictures of it being this simple??
Did I mention that I really dislike moving? I do.
Thursday, we packed boxes.

Friday morning we got the moving truck and packed some more boxes. Friday afternoon, my home teacher came over to help load the truck. Over the course of about 45 minutes, we filled the truck. There were a few odds and ends that needed attending to.

We left the house in the truck at 6:30. We stopped at the church as I needed to drop some things off to my Scouts assistant and I knew she was at Pack Meeting. We also stopped at a good friends' home on the north end of town to drop off a couple of records... and then we left town.

We got about 3 hours worth of the drive done that night. We stopped at a hotel and slept. I showered that night, she showered the next morning before we got back on the road.

We arrived at my fiance's home at 4:30pm on Saturday.

Three days, 604 miles, and about $900.. and I'm moved.

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