Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie Review

I enjoy watching movies. The pageantry, the story telling, the skill and talent that goes into it, both the seen on-screen talent of the actors, and the behind-the-scenes arts of the supporting crew always fascinates me. But one thing I don't like- movies where they mess with kids. There are movies I've seen that I though would be that way- The Client, Sixth Sense... But I was wrong, and that is especially true with Ink.

SPOILER ALERT!: I'll try to keep things vague, but it's hard to not over-share.

I saw this movie recently with a friend. I didn't think I'd like it, but I did! It's intense, gripping, poetic. You can't put it on and then listen from the other room. You have to watch, listen, pay attention.. and then maybe take a while afterward to digest it (I'm still thinking about this one!). There are so many levels, so many nuances. If you miss even 30 seconds, you could very easily miss something vital!

It's about a little girl and a monster. It's about a father and his own personal demons. It's about the unseen forces and conflicts around us. The little girl is stolen by the monster.... and nobody realizes the battle this brings. There's the monster's battle within himself, the battle between opposing forces, the battle her father has with his own inner demons. Even the little girl has a battle of her own, to become something so much stronger than just a little girl.

There's also the contemplating of happens in the realm of "what if?" Who is there to defend and protect you? Who is there to harm and destroy you and all you hold dear? What if you choose right? And what happens if you choose wrong?.. And ultimately, why does it matter?

I really truly loved this film. I didn't realize till I began reading the reviews that it was an independent film with a tiny little budget. The story and ideas were so big that it didn't even cross my mind that this wasn't a big-budget, big-name production.

Watch it. Love it. Think.

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