Sunday, November 19, 2017


Families have roles. And even non-biological "families" have roles. Every group we belong to has individuals who fill a certain niche within the group.

There are leader-type rolls, like parents or the voice of reason. They're often more experienced and wiser. These are the ones who prepare. MacGuyver with his pocket knife and chemistry knowledge.

There is the joker/clown always laughing, telling stories, and making jokes. They can be counted on for a good time... or trouble.

The golden child is the favorite who can do no wrong. They get away with so much more, and are given extra privileges, more leeway, etc.

The black sheep or fifth whee is the odd man out, the different one, the one who is often left out, sometimes intentionally, sometimes because they're labeled as not fitting for one reason or another. Maybe their interests don't quite match up with everyone else.

There's the scapegoat. Sometimes, also the black sheep, this role is opposite of the golden child. This one is always in trouble, always gets the blame.

But what if the VOR decides to throw caution to the wind and take up sky-diving?
Or the scapegoat says, "Thanks, but I'm not the one at fault this time."
Or the joker has a health crisis and gets serious.
Or the golden child just quits.

The irony is that if any of these roles wants to be something different, the rest of the family actually fights them on it. See, people like predictability, and change is exactly NOT predictable.

But it's not just the family or the friend-group. Even society at large does this.

So what does it take for someone to change and be accepted as the "new you"...?


That's the answer: time.

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