Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fools, Fools, all of Them!

Because of my exhusband's health issues, I belong to a group on Facebook for women who are (or have been in the past) with a sex addict. A recent post from another WOPA (wife of porn addict) prompted this reply from me. She realized that she's been spending her whole life trying to prove her worth to other people her entire life... I replied:
In practically every other animal species, from gnats to blue whales, it's the males that have to prove they deserve to get any "action." Brighter feathers, tougher claws, prettier nests or burrows, more beautiful songs, fancier dances, fiercer fighting, etc.

But for some reason, we humans have it flipped. It didn't used to be that way. Once upon a time, boys courted girls. Girls played hard-to-get and were praised by their elders for such behavior.

But now, Satan's plan to destroy the family has flipped that on its head:

First, make the daughters of God question their value.

1a) Make them think that the only way to be "equal" is to join men on "their" turf- push women to leave the home and get a job, have a career. Put them in the workplace so they are competing with men in the men's world.. and they're not at home where they are needed most.

1b) Since society no longer values women in the home, and they can't effectively compete in the workplace, make women compete against each other. And move the mark so high nobody can really reach it: Make it about sex. Manipulate them to feel like they need to pander and chase the boys. Make them feel like they aren't good enough- aren't pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough.

Pardon the language, but screw that. Women, you are enough. Stop playing Satan's game. Just because your husband doesn't value you doesn't make you worthless.. it makes him a damn fool.

It makes all these men fools: they somehow think that a paper or screen-image.. a 2-dimensional, airbrushed/photoshopped lie of an image is somehow superior to a 3-dimensional warm responsive real live human being who loves them and has promised her heart and soul to him.

And they're fools.

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