Monday, June 13, 2016

Hard to Love- a Song Review

There's a song that came out a while back. It's country. I know. Listen.. or read the lyrics.

Lee Brice
Singer and songwriter

It's the gratitude of a man who recognizes his woman's love. He knows he's hard to love- he's the classic male pig- selfish, rough around the edges.. and she's the calm at the center of his storm. She always forgives and gives another chance.

My take- I struggle with the dysfunction.

He's a jerk and he knows it. He sees how his behavior is hard on her. He loves her and he chooses to continue to be a bum to her, to make life hard for her. Why isn't he choosing to change, become a better man? Why not make life better for his woman? Why not choose to make things easier for her? If he was truly sorry for his behavior, would he not change?.. or is she just not that important to him? Is there something else more important to him?

By the same token, she lets him walk all over her again and again and again. I get that she loves him, and "needs" him (actual lyrics). What woman actually needs a man who makes her life hard? Why does she stay? Why does she keep giving him "so many second chances" to hurt her?

But then maybe that's the point of this song. Maybe he is finally seeing how difficult he is. Maybe he is seeing how much his woman loves him. Maybe he has finally realized that he is a major part of his woman's life and could.. and probably should work to make their life together so much better.

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