Sunday, February 14, 2016

Talking about the Thing

A while back, someone did a thing, We have all heard about it. We all know about it. And some have decided that the thing was heroic, courageous. I can see that. Doing a thing that isn't popular across the board DOES take courage.

And this thing definitely was NOT popular across the board. Because others feel it's a travesty, an abomination. Others feel it's a sin against nature and God. They have even called it insulting to half the human population, that its insulting that some on thinks they can buy their way into that demographic.

"Laws, which govern life, were instituted from before the foundation of the world. They are not based on social or political considerations. They cannot be changed. No pressure, no protests, no legislation can alter them."~ President Boyd K Packer
And now this person who did this thing, this "hero" is upset because others- friends, colleagues, and even family is having a hard time with the choice that has been made. This choice was a ginormous upheaval.. and even though there's a phenomenal learning curve, those who are taking longer to get to the new headspace, or even who refuse to even try, those who feel this was wrong are being demonized.

Some family doesn't want to participate in the big adjustment. Gee, I cant imagine why. After SIX DECADES a father and husband has totally changed the game and wants to be called by a name he's never used. After SIXTY years of one identity- a whole set of knowledge and characteristics and skills and an entire career are to now just so much nothing, a lie... right? We're supposed to just ignore the fact that all he has changed all the rules...?

The reality is that the rules haven't changed. This person is still the same confused, frustrated, messed-up man he was before. He is trying to find where he is, what he is.

He has forgotten that he is a son of God. He has forgotten that he has a divine identity that cannot be erased or masked or altered by hormones and pills and surgery. He is, he always will be that son of God, son of Deity, with all that potential that comes with that reality. He could be an amazing example and inspiration. He could use his celebrity and fame to lead and encourage. He could be so much more that the circus side show freak he has made himself into.

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