Sunday, October 19, 2014


For the last almost-year, my husband has really struggled with the lack of communication with his kids. He loves them dearly, but they are pretty uninterested in anything that resembles a relationship with him. He knows there are things he could fix.. if he knew about them, but with no communication, the chances of him learning anything are pretty much nil.

Which brings me to this:

He's waiting.

The relationship between a father and their child is a two-way street, whether it's a very imperfect dad who doesn't always get it right, or a divinely perfect Father.

My husband is also eager and ready-and-waiting for his kids to communicate with him. He has let each of them know that he loves them, and would welcome contact. There have been times I've tempered his desire to reach out to the kids. They've said they want no contact, so as much as he would like to, I've reminded him a couple times of their wishes. We reach out occasionally anyway, just to check the temperature of the water, as it were. There's still no desire to contact, so we pray for them... which is a good thing, given....

Our Father loves us. Sure, there wasn't much communication during the Dark Ages, but y'know, if a kid rejects his parent, the wise parent just waits. God is eager and ready-and-waiting for us to communicate with Him. He won't force it, but He has commanded (for those who recognize such) us repeatedly to pray (code: speak with/communicate with Him). He has promised He will answer prayers, not always in the way we want, but He will answer.

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