Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Father Knows Best

Some things recently happened that got me thinking about the bigger issues.

Now, I accept that there are those who don't believe, who feel that the idea of God is archaic and/or that religion is a tool of the tyrant to subjugate the masses. Many people feel that God has no place in the courtroom, legislation, or anywhere else public. Some even feel that religious convictions shouldn't be allowed to dictate commercial activity and business practices.

Here's the problem I see with that.

While those who live a homosexual lifestyle have every right to live their lives as they see fit, so do the rest of us. I, as do all believers, have the right to believe and express that belief as I see fit, to chose how and with whom I do business, how I chose to treat my fellow man (which includes my motives), even to declare my God-given duty to be my brother's keeper.

When I encounter someone who claims to be a believer who also feels it's their place to essentially tell God that He's wrong for not respecting civil rights, it just rubs me wrong. Telling God what He is and isn't allowed to do just seems very prideful, biblical pride- the damning kind. To quote a dear friend, "We need to realize that God doesn't need our permission to exist, make rules (commandments), bless or withhold blessings, forgive whom he so chooses, etc."

Now, I'm not saying that civil rights don't matter. They do. Courtesy shouldn't depend on the recipient's skin color, age, social status, religion, nation of origin... or sexual orientation... and that should be a two way street.

But it's not.

Too often, I see those in "protected" classes declaring their oppression and the sacrifices they've made when often it's that the un-protected classes are simply standing up for their right to live their lives as they see fit.. or that the "sacrifice" is defined more correctly as common courtesy.

Why must we make it a win/lose battle?
Why do we insist on having our own way?
Why do so many demand the other side condone their choice vs asking for the tolerance they claim to want?
Why must each side assume to declare the opponents' motives?

"Why can't we all just get along?"
Why don't we accept both sides as being allowed by law?
Why can't we both allow both sides to determine how we each chose to live, and stop shoving our own agendas down the others' throats?

Maybe it's because we're all terribly human and can't let well enough alone.
Maybe it's because this is just a really hot issue and hits more than just one nerve.
Maybe because the reality is that it really can't be a win/win outcome.

Here's another question-
Why can't we put God and His agenda where He belongs, at the top?
After all, Father really does know best, right? Just sayin'...

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  1. Thanks for the insight &support. Stomping & screaming & turning red & sizzley Rumplestiltskin-style will only cause God to shake His head in dismay. It won't change The Word...