Sunday, September 25, 2011


Years ago, my (now ex)husband came upon and began to watch the week-night half-hour sit-coms. He’d watch and laugh with the best of them, but I couldn't.. and he couldn't understand why I wouldn’t join him.
I had realized that they were all the same- same characters, same situation, same plot basics. The husbands were all overgrown children- whiny, lazy, oblivious, and sloppy. The wives were all over-worked/under-appreciated, tired, and short-tempered. Neither was flattering. I just couldn’t see the humor in it.
I pointed out all this to him, that these shows only served to demean both sexes. How is that funny?
Yes there are men who are lazy. So are some women. Some men are utterly oblivious to others’ situations, but there are some women who are just as callous. Some guys are perma-bachelors and utter slobs. Some women can’t keep a reasonably clean home to save their life. There are a lot of women out there who do both the career and the mom thing, leaving them worn out with no reserve. There are also men who run themselves ragged helping others, not taking time for themselves.
Men are the only un-protected demographic. You can’t make fun of women unless you are one. You can’t use the N-word unless you’re Black. You can’t find fault with Latinos if you aren’t one. So why is it ok to demean and diminish men?
It’s not.
As a divorced, middle-aged woman, many people assume that I hate men.
I don’t.
I love men. I cherish the men in my life. I appreciate their time. I value their knowledge. I’m grateful for their sacrifices.
Men- You’re awesome! You’re strong. You’re our knights in shining armor, our heroes! Thank you!
Ladies- tell the men in your life that they’re awesome. Thank them for the things they do for you and your family.


  1. Thanks. Of course, I can't read something like this and not put my two bits in about how wonderful women are. They're more beautiful than work of art, and more precious than any jewel. They are to be loved, cherished, and respected. I love women more than I love anything else. How could I not?

  2. The reason it is socially acceptable to pick on men isn't because we deserve it, it's because we can take it. We are taught, from birth, that we are the ones who are there to weather the storms. We are the ones that take the abuse and still persist, because there is a job that needs to be done, or someone who needs our help. We are the rock that is there to be leaned on. Any less and we would be merely "boys."

  3. Good point, Steve. And sadly, it's true.