Sunday, April 10, 2011


Y’know, I love soup.

It can be warm or cold (gazpacho anyone?).
Hearty or light, simple or varied.

I like to make soups. Usually it’s one of maybe 3 recipes….

Beef Vegetable and Barley
The name says it all, really.
Stew meat, onion, tomato, carrot, corn, green beans, potato, barley…  and a can of cream of mushroom soup.

Chicken Noodle
Again, pretty basic.
Chicken, a little bit of onion, carrot, corn, (no, no peas!!!) , noodles.

Taco Soup
One of my favorites, I’ve taken some poetic license with my mom’s recipe, this has become more of a (pardon the pun) souped-up chili!
Ground beef, onion, stewed tomatoes, corn, salsa, a can of chili, drained and cut-in-half black olives, cumin.

A while back I tried invented a new one-
Pot Roast Soup

 Potatoes, carrots- diced, tossed with ¼ cup olive oil, some Rosemary, marjoram, salt/pepper. Dry roast for about 45 min at 350 (or was it 400?)

 MMMmm blistered and crispy!... and tender inside!
While these were roasting, I cut up the leftover pot roast, about a pound and a half, and started heating it up in the big stew pot. I put these beauties in with the meat….

 .. and added a packet of brown gravy mix, also prepared while the veggies were roasting.

Looks yummy, huh!
It was!

So that’s my plan for next time I have leftover pot roast… I’m gonna make a DELISH soup!


  1. Ok, so it'd look better if the lighting were .. uh.. more?

  2. That looks delicious (even if it's in the dark)! My mom makes a similar one with roasted potatoes and mushrooms that I love. I am going to try the taco soup, too, that sounds yummy!


  3. Did you notice that I actually DID put the chili recipe on my blog? Far as I know, nobody has had the guts to make it. :-)