Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Feel Rich!

I got back from grocery shopping the other day, and as I was putting stuff away, restocking my fridge and the little pantry in the kitchen, I realized something-  I feel rich!

When I have a full fridge and pantry, when there’s food to eat, I feel rich- I feel blessed, I have enough. I can make all kinds of things- taco soup, potato casserole, vegetable side dishes, cookies, quesadillas, hot chocolate. Just for breakfast, I can choose cold cereal, or hot.. or pancakes.. or eggs.. or a pancake with an egg in the middle.. hashbrowns, anyone?

Coming home from grocery shopping.. and paying bills.. well, being done with paying bills and seeing there’s still at least a little bit in the checking account.

So why does this make me feel so very… rich? Thoughts?


  1. A generally reasonable person will realize that one doesn't really need any more than that. Extras are just extras. Who cares? The other things are just distractions. As long as one can provide for themselves or their family, a reasonable person will content with that much. I know that's how I feel. I only feel poor if I can't at least do that. It's a good thing. It means you aren't too materialistic.

  2. Some times I can hardly walk through a SUPER market with out feeling guilty about the quantity and abundance and selection in the supermarkets.

    ever ask your self "Why?"

  3. Why feel guilty? I only feel guilty when perfectly good food is thrown away.